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 Here is a little more about Teddy.  First of all, the story really is true, but we left  out some of the painful details.  Years of abuse and neglect before arriving at the shelter caused Teddy to have a variety of ailments including seizures.   Lisa tried everything available, including accupuncture, and invested most of her money towards his care.  Sadly, Teddy passed away as the book went into production.  It has been bittersweet but as many people have said, Teddy will live forever now through this book. 



Lisa DePriest is a lifelong resident of Miami, Florida, and her passion for animals runs in the family. Her first dog, Mopsy, was rescued from the streets when Lisa was only seven years old and he lived for twenty years. 

Lisa volunteered at a local animal shelter for many years and received the Dade County Veterinary Foundation Volunteer Award in 2002. In addition to running her own small business, Basket Hound, she currently works at a local Humane Society educating the public, especially children, on responsible pet ownership.

In her spare time Lisa enjoys visiting with friends, watching comedy, and painting, especially pets. Lisa is a SCBWI member and Poor Teddy is her first book to be published. With all of her rescued pets and their stories, it certainly will not be her last.